Do you ever judge a product by it's package? A Business by the postcard you received in the mail? Intrigued by the quality of a business card? I totally do. But admittedly, I may be slightly biased. 

This is a real thing! And consumers do this too. 
For your business, it is beneficial to look the part. It is helpful for your marketing to add personality to your business. It is critical for your brand to be visually unified. That's where I come in. Hi! My name is Victoria, and I'm a Brand Stylist. I make your business look cohesive and unified in digital media as well as in print. 
I've got you covered. No, really! If you simply need a professional looking cover photo for your business' Facebook page, or a total revamp of your business image (your brand), I can take care of that! 

With just over 20 years in the industry, I started my education and career at a revolutionary time in design. My wisdom and experience bridges the gap of the "old way" and the present digital age of design.  My experience is well-rooted in both the core fundamentals and the ever-changing trends in the graphic design culture. 
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